Sunday, April 12, 2009

4/19/09. Flag City, intersection of Hwy 12 and I-5 near Lodi, California. Starting off with our "Senior Coffees". We were up early at Don's house, packed the bikes and headed out for the VROC ride of the day.

Hundreds of these generators in the fields, orchards, and vinyards. This was a fresh plowed field, I think they must have planted a bunch of them in here.

VSP and SAG stop on Hwy 12 for a phono op. I risked my life crossing this busy highway!

The Jelly Belly lot. The first person we saw was Rick (jest) What a pleasant surprise! I'm not sure what's up with Steve in this picture (G)

Steve strolls by the Sample bar in the Jelly Belly Factory

The Chocolate section is empty! Early Sunday morning is a good time to be here, there's no crowd!

I'm sure we'll see what ever Don is taking a picture of in his blog.

Sunday morning, looking for the NASCAR track!

Howard (nitelite) Linda, Cat and Jim. Howard planned to ride his new Voyager, but Kawasaki decided to make him wait until he's ready to leave for Kentucky on it! We're glad he made the ride, even if it is on his old Nomad.

Chloe! My new favorite VROC dog (not counting my Julie) Chloe is 3 month old, and has been riding with Ron and Patty for 2/3's of her life already! She's a real little sweetie!

Side door of the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, California.

Chloe rides in Patty's coat. She's the perfect little traveling companion.

Bruce (Big Twin). It's about time we met, after corresponding for about 12 years! I still have a "warm fuzzy" in my tummy for meeting this guy! Here, he's deep into trying to figure out Top Dog's map.

My good friends.....Cranky, Don and jest.

Probably to only one on the ride that's older than me! My good buddy Paul (Slots 777)

Top Dog and his new bride, Cathy. They are checking out the Wing. Cathy hasn't had much experience riding, but she's taking to it very well!

This family wanted to take picture of the bikes, and them by the bikes. They didn't speak English, but they were able to get across what they wanted, and could say "Thank You"

I think this is the end of Lake Berryessa, but if I'm wrong, Don will be around to correct me.

We've stopped at this place many times on rides in this area, but the store has been closed for several years. It's now OPEN! Nicely remodeled too, and they had a lot of chairs out front.

Cathy has been busy taking pictures.

An over the head shot. I think that's Slots behind me.

We deep into the wine country now. Only a few miles to our lunch destination, Calistoga.

Josh's Dad and his brother-in-laws hand. And some Buster's BBQ.

Josh getting ready to put away his Tri-Tip.

A vroc table at Buster's.

VROC folks are happiest when there is food in front!

Linda, Don and Howard. They were in the second group, which became the first group, so they are already finished eating.

One of the pits at Buster's Southern BBQ in Calistoga, California

Don, Steve, RAD, Uwe, and Jazzhound.

This was the Sacramento contingency. We rode part way over Hwy 29 with them. Here we're at the intersection of Hwy 53 and 20, Our last stop before Steve and I hit the Super Slab ( I-5) and leave the group.

I really like this little Chihuahua! Chloe was the hit of the day for me! Patty, thanks for sharing her for a minute.

Contented Cows...

Coming into Williams, CA, the temp was reading 90 degrees. It was 97 when we left, and stayed right in there until we stopped an hour later at the motel here in Corning. The TV said it was 96 in Redding, about an hour North of us, at 7:30 PM.

This is Lindsey, a 3 year old Standard Poodle. He was pretty friendly.

Granzella's, another "favorite" place. Good food, good deli, and lots of free Olive tasting!

The loaf you see on the left, in the right window, in front, is now in the trunk on the Wing. Extra Sourdough for Pat. It's right next to the box of strawberries I picked up yesterday. We left here and rode to Corning for the night. Tomorrow will be the last day for this blog.

The last 10 pics for this blog! This is Lake Shasta. The water level is low, due to 3 or 4 years of below average rain fall. It is higher this year than last.

Castle Craigs, taken from I-5 near Dunsmuir, CA.

Steve in his mesh protective gear.

Mount Shasta. In clear weather, you can see this 11,000 feet high mountain for many miles.

Highest elevation on I-5 between Canada and Mexico. The top of the Siskiyous. There are much higher passes on secondary roads near here.

Another of my favorite stops. We were going to eat lunch at a little cafe near here, but it was closed. We wandered in to check out the wooden floors and to see if there was any new "good stuff" to see. There wasn't, so we didn't stay long.

The old Wolf Creek Tavern. Used to be an old "Bucket of Blood" Loggers bar back in "the day", now it's a fine dining restaurant.

We had a nice sandwich for lunch in this Deli. Last meal of the trip!

There are always several antique cars parked on this hill. They are for sale. Don't know where he gets them, but they seem to be different ones almost every time you go by.

Last picture of this blog. I'm on I-5, just getting ready to cut off on Hwy 42 and head to the coast. I was going to take some pictures on the way over, it was a beautiful Spring day. But, I figured I had enough on this blog. Thanks for looking at it.


  1. Monticello Dam impounds Putah Creek to form Lake Berryessa, the second-largest lake in California.

    Known locally as "Poser's Corner" or Moskowitz Corners or just The Corners to those who go way back to before the lake was there, this place has long been a way stop for motorcyclists and others (boaters, tourist etc) when in the area.

    That is Paul Immergluck or "Jazzhound" from Berkeley.

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